Rapid Opportunity Investments

Montrose Securities Pty Limited brings together borrowers requiring property finance and lenders looking for excellent rates of return. We identify top-grade, high-yielding investment opportunities, appraise them against our strict lending criteria, and intensively manage the loans through to repayment. We are offering selected clients the opportunity to co-invest with Montrose in the following exciting mortgage investment project.

UK Property Development Investment

A solid lowly-geared first mortgage investment, secured against a residential apartment conversion development in the North of England, with a 43% Loan-to-Value Ratio on completion.

8% return on investment
interest paid on maturity ($, £ or NIS).

Minimum investment: $15,000 or £10,000

UPDATE: This Investment is now 85% complete – contact us now for final opportunities.

Israel Property Investment Opportunity

A group of investors is building a new apartment block in Ramat Gan. Investors are invited to join with a 2 year time frame for repayment on sale of the apartments

Expected return on investment: 40-50%.

Minimum investment: 500,000 NIS


Investments arranged through Montrose Securities Pty Limited (Australia).
Heter Iska arranged through Eida Charedis.
For information, please contact john@montrosesecurities.com
or call 052-380-2609.